Dr. Dog Live at Amoeba Records

I got turned on to these guys through a local band here in Arizona, What Laura Says. I was at their CD release party over the summer and heard a Dr.Dog tune on the PA before the show. I pulled out my iPhone, opened Shazam (sweet #&$ app!), and it brought back “The Old Days”. So since then, I’ve bought Fate and We All Belong.

They have a very cool retro, psychedelic, wild sound. Check out this in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood…


  • jazzmaster

    They opened for The Raconteurs a few years ago.


    They didn’t suck or anything… And my buddy really enjoyed them. Maybe I was just too focused on Jack White & Brendan Benson taking the stage. I don’t know.

  • Phan

    Dr. Dog is great. They have been around for years, so, check out their precious c.d.s and You Tube videos. They just love performing live and stay under the media radar and have not gotten the recognition they really deserve for their writing talent, 2 lead singers, various instrumentation, and laid back persona that they have always, just, naturally had. It’s funny that many of the “top” bands this year seem to be imitating Dr. Dog’s retro style, dual lead singers, and even their dress ( hats/sunglasses, etc.) that Dr. Dog have had for many years before anyone heard of them. They are great guys and really fun to go and see live. Listen to “Fate” from front to back to appreciate the transitions of the lead singers, styles, writing, and the theme of the background music of the trains in between. And, be sure to check out their last c.d., “We All Belong”, and the older ones like “Easy Beat”, “Takers and Leavers”, etc. Just go to their website. There’s also a ton of unreleased compilations, etc. Thanks for posting and bringing some attention to this great band. Also, check out “Relix Magazine”. They were the cover story earlier in 2008.

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