The Backroom

I finally bought a capo for my guitar, so I pulled out this enormous stack of songs w/ the chords transcribed. I went on a frenzy about 10 years ago and printed a bunch out. I had completely forgotten about this Bap Kennedy tune. In fact, I had completely forgotten about Bap Kennedy.

This song comes from his 1998 solo debut, Domestic Blues, which he recorded after several albums with the band Energy Orchard. This is one of those songs that carried me through a breakup back in the day. I found it therapeutic to play sad and lonesome tunes on the guitar in my 700 square foot apartment on the railroad tracks.

Now I see the tune a bit differently. He’s just infatuated with a stripper. We’ve all been there at one time or another.
“Dude, I think she digs me!”

Lovely tune still…

Listen: Bap Kennedy – The Backroom (mp3)

Check out Domestic Blues (click the cover):


  • Brad

    his cd Lonely Street is one of my all time favs, every cut a gem. one of those albums that ONLY I know and love. tried to turn some people onto it over hte years, but alas it’s just me. but it is fucking brilliant. it would be in the top 10 desert island discs. THAT good.

    So i bought domestic blues after that, listened once. can’t say i didn’t like it, just in a period where i wanted to go back and listen to Lonely Street just one more time…and one more time….and…you get it. So i’m going to give it another shot.

    seriously, you have great taste. get lonely street. go nuts. thanks to me won’t be enough, you’ll say. ok. but i’ll take it until you can think of how you’re going to make it even.


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