Friday Five

The Friday Five: February 5, 2010

Friday Five

Friday Five : ‘frī-(,)dā,-dē ‘fīv : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes, then share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

This week’s shuffle served as a soundtrack to what has turned out to be an insanely busy morning; here are the first five tracks to hit my ears. This week’s Five was followed up by Episode 6 of The Popdose Podcast, which I highly recommend everyone making time to listen to.

“Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers (from Californication, 1999)

“Skeletons” by Stevie Wonder (from Characters, 1987)

“Out All Night” by The Pietasters (from Willis, 1997)

“Bleeding” by Flickerstick (from Tarantula, 2003)

“Last” by Nine Inch Nails (from Broken, 1992)

What is playing as your soundtrack today?


  • Ken Shane

    “Winter Lady” – Leonard Cohen
    “Last Kiss” – Dwight Twilley
    “There Was A Light” (live) – Big Star
    “Blank Slate” – The National
    “In the Dark” – Josh Ritter

  • Dopeburger

    “The Enemy God” (EL&P)
    “Gay Fish” (Trey Parker)
    “St. Peter’s Day Festival” (Ra Ra Riot)
    “Louisiana Saturday Night” (The Flying Burrito Brothers)
    “Walk It Talk It” (Lou Reed)

  • twojams

    “Baby Mine” – Bonnie Raitt
    “Rachel’s Song” – James McMurtry
    “You’re Gonna Lose That Girl” – Beatles
    “Down by the Side of the Road” – John Prine
    “Dead Melodies” – Beck

  • Pete

    “Not For The Season (alternate version)” – Wilco
    “Thunder Road” (live) – Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
    “Life Itself” – Bruce Springsteen
    “It’s Ice” – Phish
    “Valentine’s Day” – Steve Earle

  • Bill C

    Bad Rain -Allman Brothers Band. Not one of their better known tunes, but a great rock n roll song.

    Little Bit of Sugar-Paul Kelly. One of his best songs. An absolutely beautiful melody.

    Smith’s Reel-Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. As Waylon and Willie said, down in Texas, Bob Wills is Still the King. Songs like this are the Reason Why.

    Ashes to Ashes-Del Lords. Man, I love the Del Lords, and I love this song.

    Fly-Graham Parker and the Episodes. Great way to end my five!

  • Matt

    NIN’s LAST….hellz yeah, and goddamn!

    1. Tom Petty – Girl on LSD
    2. Weezer – Pork & Beans
    3. Ryan Adams – Love is Hell
    4. Bonnie Raitt – Come To Me
    5. The Bridges – Finding It Hard

  • KathyB

    I want twojams’s list instead of mine. Although I’ve actually got some good stuff on mine for once.

    1. “Anything But Love” by Squirrel Nut Zippers from “The Inevitable” (1995)

    2. “Rain on the Roof” from a 1972 recording of “Follies” with the original Broadway Cast

    3. “When She Believes” (live) by Ben Harper

    4. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Barbara Lynn

    5. “Comin’ Down in the Rain” by Nanci Griffith from “Other Voices, Other Rooms” (1993) One of my desert island discs.

  • Gonzo

    1. NPG – Get Wild
    2. Le Tigre – Gone B4 Yr Home
    3. Girl Talk – Don’t Stop
    4. Prince – I Love You But I Don’t Trust U Anymore
    5. The Ramones – You Should Never Have Opened That Door

  • EightE1

    Snowy night, too many Captain & Cokes. A little past midnight, so it’s technically Saturday. Hope no one notices/minds …

    Genesis,”Abacab.” My favorite Genesis song. I think I bought this on iTunes to make a ringtone out of it for my iPhone. The ringtone is assigned to my wife, though the drum break in “In the Air Tonight” is probably more appropriate. I like the post-Gabriel years of Genesis through this album; afterward, the commercial concerns became primary concerns, and we got shit like “Illegal Alien,” “Invisible Touch,” and the like. Actually, I heard “Home by the Sea” in a bar recently, and was floored — I don’t think I’ve heard that song anywhere outside my bedroom or study except that one time. But “Abacab” — great song. Love the bass line and the propulsive drumming. Have no idea what the lyrics mean. Doesn’t matter.

    Jim Peterik, “Above the Storm.” I covered this song in my “Death by Power Ballad” column last August, for Popdose (, and I wrote about my son and my dad. One of my proudest moments, actually, cuz my dad read it. I have nothing else to add, so when you’re done here at ickmusic, go check out my piece.

    AC/DC, “Back in Black.” Is this the baddest motherfucking riff in all of hard rock? I was kinda late to the game when it came to AC/DC, but when I got into them, I got REALLY into them. Of course, the common line is that they’ve made the same album 20-odd times, over 35 years or so. But it’s a really good album. They actually went through something of a rennaisance period, from Highway to Hell through, let’s say, Fly on the Wall (one of their more underrated records, but I’ll take those songs over damn near anything in the hair band era that wasn’t a power ballad. AC/DC doesn’t DO power ballads). This was the highlight, certainly.

    REM, “Living Well is the Best Revenge.” The opening salvo from Accelerate by the band I consider to be my Beatles. I bought Murmur when I was 14 and have purchased every record since. Murmur was, for a number of years, the weirdest thing in my record collection (nowadays, that title gets passed around pretty often). But I kinda grew up with them as part of my soundtrack for — Jesus Horatio Christmas — 26 years now. Accelerate is a terrific rock record, though at the time it came out it sounded a little self-conscious to me. It’s grown on me, though, and this is a great song.

    Leann Rimes, “Save Myself.” A great pop song from the country chanteuse/tabloid fodder. This is from a 2006 record called Whatever We Wanna, that was never, to my knowledge, released in this country. Apparently, in Europe, she’s known as a pop singer and not a country gal. There are five or six songs on this record that are among the best pop songs I heard the year it came out. Really a terrifically kept secret, though the album deserves a wider audience.

  • Laila

    I am late! But here is goes:

    Every Shining Time You Arrive – SDRE
    Every Day I Write the Book – Elvis Costello & The Attractios
    Lazy – Pete Phill & Prequisite
    Africa – D’Angelo
    Is this what you wanted? – Leonard Cohen

  • apurva

    Hope Monday isnt too late…may I can be the Monday morning top 5…
    The Darkest Star – Depeche Mode – I am a pretty big DM fan…but this is not one of my favs
    Girl from the North Country – Johnny Cash – loaded his best of on my Zune, I like some of the stuff…cant say this is one I enjoy all that much
    What Would You Say – Dave Matthews Band – nice pick me up after those first 2 songs…I enjoy listening to him sing…but he does look like he is in pain when I watch him…
    Today – The Smasking Pumpkins – pretty good tune…although I have always had a hard time understanding him…
    Straight To the Heart – Sina Vodjani – I love international tunes…This is from a Buddha Bar CD…There are some better tracks than this one…

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