New Gaslight Anthem: “American Slang”

Over the last couple of days, not only did Jersey’s Gaslight Anthem join Facebook, but they also released their first single (and title track) from their forthcoming album American Slang. Stoked! This means not only will we all be rocking out to a new Gaslight album in a few short months (June 15th), but we’ll also have the chance to catch them live – which is an experience all its own. Their studio albums are impressive, but live is where their music pulses and breathes.  Can’t wait.

Hear “American Slang” on the Gaslight Anthem’s Facebook page.

Here’s the track list:
01. American Slang
02. Stay Lucky
03. Bring It On
04. The Diamond Church Street Choir
05. The Queen of Lower Chelsea
06. Orphans
07. Boxer
08. Old Haunts
09. The Spirit Of Jazz
10. We Did It When We Were Young

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