Friday Five

The Friday Five: May 6, 2011

Friday Five

Friday Five : ‘frī-(,)dā,-dē ‘fīv : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes, then share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

“Cantara” by Dead Can Dance (from Toward the Within, 1994)

I was listening to Dead Can Dance’s 1993 release Into the Labyrinth the other day while co-working from home with my wife. During the day, when we’re both listening, I tend to lean towards singer/songwriter fare, and save everything else for when I’ve got the headphones on; so you can imagine the quizzical looks that were coming across the desk during some of the more ethnic tracks. “What is this,” she asked. I think it only confused her more when I explained it was an Australian couple recording in an ancient church in England.

“Chubby’s Goodnight” by Poppa Chubby (from Booty and the Beast, 1995)

It took me longer to type the name of this tune than the tune lasted. Next!

“No Money” by Kings of Leon (from Come Around Sundown, 2010)

Sure, Come Around Sundown would have been better titled Only by the Night: Part Two, but I feel like that isn’t giving it a fair shake. For all its formulaic arena rock, it’s actually a solid record. There really was no pleasing anyone—be it the old fans, or the new—and the Followill clan did the best they could to shoot straight down middle and make a decent rock and roll record.

“Black” by Pearl Jam (from Black and White, 1992)

This is the MTV Unplugged performance, also known as the moment that I declared my undying love for the band. Eddie’s impassioned plea of “we, we belong together,” driving home the utter desperation of the tune.

“Convocation / The Purple Lagoon” by Frank Zappa (from Hammersmith Odeon, 2010)

“Welcome to show number four, de la London, England. Now, I’m going to warn you right now, we’re recording this. And for your own good, you had better make a lot of noise tonight, because this thing is going on the radio in the United States, and I don’t want those people in my country to find out how lame you suckers are.”

I miss Frank, dearly.

What’s on your shuffle today?


  • dslifton

    “License To Kill” – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Tribute). Love this version of one of Dylan’s best, least-known songs, and Petty adds a certain slyness when he sings the word “heartbreaker.”

    “Ever” – The Lemonheads. I must’ve gotten this from the Popdose (or Jefitoblog) Guide to them. From back in the day when they were trying to be Husker Du instead of a boy band.

    “Expresso Love” – Dire Straits (Alchemy). One of the greatest days in my guitar -playing life was nailing that riff down. Still can’t play it and sing at the same time, though. Will often grab my guitar and start playing it when my teams are trying to build momentum because it worked once in 1988.

    “I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock N Roll)” – Nick Lowe (Live At St. Luke’s). I’ve got a Rockpile bootleg from 1978 that positively smokes this song, but it also works with the country shuffle treatment it gets here.

    “Silver” – The Pixies. I’m not a big Pixies guy, but Doolittle has some great songs. This isn’t one of them.

  • Anonymous

    “Magic Dance” by David Bowie from Labyrinth Soundtrack (1986). “You remind me of the babe…”

    “In My Eyes” by Robyn from Body Talk, Pt 2 (2010). The other night, I watched a great Swedish documentary about Robyn on YouTube (look it up — if you’re a fan, you’ll love it), which has put me back into a kick of listening to her a lot. The fact that I get to see her live again in a month has also amped up the amount of Robyn I’ve been listening to.

    “Girl U Want” by Devo from Freedom of Choice (1980). I’ve been listening to Devo a lot this week. I love them so much.

    “Screaming In My PIllow” by SSQ from Playback (1983). I recently acquired this album and I’m kind of in love with it. It’s really fun ’80s synthpop and the lead singer? Stacey Q. I am kicking myself for not owning this record a long time ago.

    “Cover Girl” by RuPaul from Champion (2009). I have become a little obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race this season. This is a song that gets played on the show quite often and I think it’s a true sequel to “Supermodel.”

  • Anonymous

    1) Caleb Hawley, “Small Steps.” Okay, I’m cheating. I selected this one specifically because it’s been in my head all morning.

    2) The Guggenheim Grotto, “Her Beautiful Ideas.” I swear I didn’t pick this one next. It just came on. My iPod loves me. My wife and I love singing this song together.

    3) Alison Krauss & Union Station, “Choctaw Hayride.” Seriously? Never turning my iPod off shuffle again. Not as good of an instrumental from them as “We Hide & Seek,” but damn fine.

    4) Dan Fogelberg, “Longer.” Fuck anybody who mocks this song. *weeps*

    5) Simon & Garfunkel, “Bookends.” This may be the most perfect Friday Five EVER.

  • Anonymous

    1. “One Good Year” – Slaid Cleaves
    2. “Missing Your Love” – Jonny Lang
    3. “Something About You” – Level 42
    4. ” Little Darlin’ ” – The Diamonds
    5. “Always Lookin’ – Blue Mother Tupelo

  • Anonymous

    1. “Let’s Love”- Peggy Lee, from Let’s Love

    I knew this Paul McCartney song existed; I had even heard his demo. But it originally was a gift to Miss Lee back in 1974, and I hadn’t heard it until earlier this week. It’s a gorgeous, melancholy track with a melody like only Paulie could write circa 1973, a McCartney production and arrangement, and of course Lee rises to the occasion. I’m loving this track right now.

    2. “Silent Film Star”- Paul Westerberg (as Grandpaboy), from Mono

    I thought Mono was a hell of a lot better than Stereo. I wish it was worthwhile for Westerberg to care about making music.

    3. “Little Child”- The Beatles from With the Beatles

    In which John Lennon slobbers all over a harmonica and it sounds great. This was one of the first Fabs songs that caught my ear when I first listened to Meet the Beatles as a preschooler…

    4. “Make Love to the Music”- Maria Muldaur from Southern Winds

    I’ve always liked Muldaur’s eclectic music, especially those Warners albums of the ’70s. I thought this album was a disappointment when I first heard it years ago, but it’s grown on me. This is a Leon Russell tune which appeared on his Wedding Album.

    5. “Give a Hand Take a Hand”- The Bee Gees from Mr. Natural

    Natural was the Gibbs’ last pre-disco record; I used to see the cover on the inner sleeves of Atlantic/Atco records of the time and wonder what it sounded like. Took me a while, but I finally got around to listening to it some time ago; it’s a forgotten record of sorts, especially due to what came after, but I like the more pop-oriented Gibb product, and this isn’t a bad album in my book.

    Have a good Friday, everyone!

      • Anonymous

        Picky, picky. It’s also a little disconcerting when John sings early on and the harmonica is still playing. Overdubbed I know, but it sounds odd in those early years.

  • de10ero

    Pat Boyack & The Prowlers-Mexican Vodka

    A little hair of the dog

    Ricky Fante-It’s Over Now

    2004’s Rewind was soul great but Fante’s been MIA since

    Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul-Angel Eyes

    Before the music got a little too politically heavy

    The Beatles-I Am The Walrus

    Got blown away last Friday by the Fab Faux doing gems like this and all of Rubber Soul

    BB King-The Thrill Is Gone

    You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’

  • Mindy

    1. My Winding Wheel – Ryan Adams
    2. Needles & Pins – The Ramones
    3. Ordinary Day – Vanessa Carlton
    4. Adele – Rolling in the Deep
    5. Barfly – Ray LaMontagne

  • Pete

    1. “I’m Bound To Pack It Up” – The White Stripes

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    2. “60 Revolutions” – Gogol Bordello

    3. “You’re the One” – Dwight Yoakam

    4. “Every Part of Me” – Steve Earle

    5. “Barnowl” – Caribou

  • Dennis Corrigan

    In between errands version:

    1. “Big Boss Man” by Jimmy Reed from the Best of Jimmy Reed
    2. “Stormy Blues” by Billie Holiday form Blues Masters Vol. 11: Classic Blues Women – this 15 volume set from Rhino was released almost 20 years ago and is a great introduction to various blues styles.
    3. “Revolution Rock” by The Clash from London Calling
    4. “Tell Me When Did Things Go So Wrong” by the Smithereens from Blow Up – Love the Smithereens go get their new one, 2011, and give it to your mom for Mother’s Day. If she doesn’t like it, keep it for yourself
    5. “Heart To Hang On To” by Pete Townsend originally from Rough Mix, the great album he did with Ronnie Lane of the Faces

    There you have it – more errands for me today. Thank your mom for your ears and use them to hear something good this weekend

  • BillC

    Watching the Detectives-Elvis Costello Live “Writing my Story.” Wow. Great way to start, but at the end it has this long organ solo which is kind ofweird and annoying.
    Do It Again-The Kinks from The Ultimate Kinks collection.
    Till Death Do us Part-Paul Kelly from Smoke-This is one of Paul’s most beautiful songs. Absolutely breathtaking.
    Eric Clapton-I Shot the Sheriff from Crossroads 2
    Stop Raining Lord-Warren Zevon from Genius.

    Overall a solid five. Gonna be a good weekend.

  • Shannon J

    I’ve missed this the last couple of weeks. Glad to be back – here are my five:

    “Grace,” by U2, from All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

    “One Little Girl,” by Toad the Wet Sprocket, from the Fall Down+ EP.

    “The Night Before,” by The Beatles, from Help.

    “Spaceman,” by Harry Nilsson, from Everybody’s Talkin’ (Best Of..)

    “In My Time of Dying,” by Led Zeppelin, from Physical Graffiti. My previous four are mediocre, but this one makes up for them.

  • EightE1

    Just got back from taking the boy-child to see Fast Five, and I’m amped the fuck UP, yo. Let’s see if my Friday Five can keep the motor runnin’.

    James Brown, “Since You’ve Been Gone.” Good start. I’ve been digging some 70s-era JB the last few weeks, having been gifted with several CDs of same by my vodka-drunk self, who placed an Amazon order a month or so ago, knowing that my sober self would remember nothing and would be oh so surprised when the packages started showing up at the door. My vodka-drunk self is a sweetheart and an asshole. But he chooses well. This is funk at its most funky. Love it.

    Pink Floyd, “Wish You Were Here.” Bummer. Downer. Skip.

    Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band w/ Tom Morello, “The Ghost of Tom Joad.” Another downer, but a hell of an intense downer. And what Morello does to his guitar by the end of the song HAD to have frightened some of the Springsteen faithful at this show.

    Bob & Doug McKenzie, “Take Off.” Jesus fucking Christ.

    The Chesterfield Kings, “All I Wanna Do.” Good drinking music. Need to start drinking, now that my motor has sputtered and stopped.

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