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People make fun of me because I like the band Heart. Actually, I don’t just like them. I love them. I love Heart.

I ♥ Heart.

There, I’ve said it. Heap your crooked looks and gas faces all over me if you wish but they were, are and always will be a mega fucking band. Much of the reason why I think so has to do with those magic herbs that are still lingering around in me from the 70s. More importantly, they bring that sacred feminine spirit to rock music like no other band.

Their latest disc, Red Velvet Car, is quite good. The album came out last August but I just got around to buying it about a month ago. It is their first new studio album since 2004’s Jupiter’s Darling which I also enjoyed a great deal. New studio albums from Ann and Nancy have been sparse over the last couple of decades but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality.

Their latest effort represents a return to the sound of Dreamboat Annie which is one of the greatest albums of all time. I have a number of things to say about that album but I will wait until I am drenched in the glorious heat of the summer before I share. I need to be in the right frame of mind to convey, in those debilitating things they call words, how I feel about that mystical piece of wonder.

For now, let’s take a look at Red Velvet Car. The album opens with a slinky rocker called “There You Go” and right away we can tell that Ann is in fine form. “WTF,” “Queen City,” and the title track firmly ensconce us in that groove that only Heart can carve. “WTF” goes for (and achieves) the power of “Barracuda.” But that’s the point, right?

After the first four tracks, we get to the album’s true gem. “Hey You” written and sung by Nancy. This is sacred feminine rock in all its beautiful acoustic glory. In many ways, Nancy Wilson is THE eternal rock and roll girl-carrying with her all the swagger and history of wine soaked passion. Hammer of the Gods indeed!

Next up we have a classic road song (“Wheels”) which made me laugh with its pomp and shameless preening for victory…reminding me quite well of MTV and the various Scorpions, Loverboy, and Journey videos I watched over and over again as a young lad. “Saffronia’s Mark” evokes the mystical whereas “Death Valley” dips a toe into Heart-1980s version. “Sunflower” is another Nancy track which means amazing. “Sand” rounds out the album proper (various editions have bonus tracks which are also quite good) and is another classic Annie reflection.

Chuckle all you want at me, folks, but I will always love this band. They are one of a very few bands that epitomize the spirit and legacy of rock and roll. Here is a video I found for “Hey You.” I recommend downloading the studio version though. My inner vagina is always soaked after listening to this one!


    • Bill Holt

      Let me go crazy on Heart. I, as well, experienced a Heart attack. As a guy who grew up in the ’70’s and graduated from high school in ’82, a musician and a poet at ‘heart’, I have always been a very vocal fan of this band.

      Rather than having people make fun of me, usually I’ll receive a look like you’d get from a dog listening to a high-frequency whine when I mention Heart. Admittedly, I lost my zeal for much of the band’s output during the eighties. I just read a brief Spinner interview with the gals, and a list of their post-seventies hits revealed a wealth of songs which were for the most part pretty good, so I’m still hangin’ tough as a true fan. I think ‘All I Wanna Do…’ was the greatest cause of my veering away for a bit. I still hate that song. Sorry. I love Ann’s mystical writing style, but that song made me want to get an abortion. I did mention that I’m a guy, didn’t I?

      Anyway, I really liked this live version of  ‘Hey You’ — especially the first 90 seconds. It just transported me somewhere nice that I haven’t visited in a while. I also clicked on the video for “Safronia’s Mark”, and I’m sure that’s Alison Krauss guesting on violin. Cool.

      After all these years of loving Heart’s music, I guess I must have an inner vagina, too. Power to the Vagina! It took two flower-child sisters to help me realize that vaginas are very versatile and have a greater connection to all things in this world that exceeds their purpose as a birth canal and a source of fun. ; )

  • Bill Holt

    I’m also a big fan of Adrian Legg. Check out his music, if you aren’t already familiar with him. ‘Mrs. Crowe’s Blue Waltz’ was written about Nancy, with whom I believe Adrian toured several years ago. He writes nice songs about nice people who have affected him.

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