Keith Urban + “Tumbling Dice” on Fallon

Hats off to Keith Urban for offering up a killer version of “Tumbling Dice” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Rolling Stones week. You’ve undoubtedly noticed through some media outlet that the classic 1973 Stones album Exile on Main Street will be reissued this coming Tuesday (May 18th). I’ll be in line for the Deluxe Version.

This week on Jimmy Fallon has been a treat for Stones fans. Monday, Green Day performed “Rip This Joint”. Tuesday was Urban. Wednesday was Sheryl Crow’s version of “All Down the Line” (with Doyle Bramhall, Chuck Leavell and the Roots), which I thought she dulled down a bit. No animation. I mean come on, this is ALL DOWN THE LINE you’re performing Sheryl! Shake it a little…

Tonight, to wrap it up, Phish will take the stage – likely for “Loving Cup”, which they’ve played regularly through the years.

But I really want to highlight this Keith Urban version (also with Chuck Leavell on keys). I’ve only seen Keith here and there on TV, awards shows, etc., and I’ve never been unimpressed. But he just moved up a few notches in my book for taking on this great song – and doing it serious justice.

Late Night Christmas

With things being as hectic as can be in my household, it’s the little things that bring home the holiday spirit. Last night, after spending some time shopping with my wife, we collapsed into the couch and flipped on Letterman just in time to catch Darlene Love perform her classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band on Jimmy Fallon

Okay, so today, Howard Stern played this Nov. 5th clip of Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band on Jimmy Fallon’s show (with Sean Lennon on guitar). Now, I can’t say I’m familiar at all with her brand of avant garde music. There’s one person in my life who I know as a fan, and that’s Gonzo.

It’s hard for me to consider this performance as anything but novel and a tad bizarre. But I have to know, what is the general consensus… what is your opinion of this performance? There must be some of you who enjoyed this? What say you, Gonzo?

By the way, Howard and the gang thought the intro sounded like “Wipeout”.

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Incubus & the Roots do justice to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”

?uestlove warned us to set our DVR’s to catch Incubus perform Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” with the Roots on the Jimmy Fallon show. Only thing is, my computer is upstairs and my DVR is downstairs. If that doesn’t define laziness, I don’t know what does.

Thankfully, Okay Player has the video available, and it has yet to be yanked by the Purple One and his web police goons. I just watched it, and I think this version kicks ass. Lead singer Brandon Boyd clearly knows the song inside and out, and does the song great justice, along with all the great players. Kudos too to Mike Einziger, who nails the guitar parts – including the classic finale solo. Obviously the kids along the railing didn’t grow up with the song like us older farts – they think the song’s over when Einziger starts his solo. Kids…

Paul Simon + Roots + Antibalas Horns on Fallon

Jimmy Fallon may be going through some growing pains as a late night talk show host (some of the interviews I’ve seen have their cringe-worthy moments), but with the Roots as the house band, every musical moment has the potential for greatness. Last week, the Beasties dropped in. Last night, it was Paul Simon’s turn, as he joined the Roots crew for “Late in the Evening”, with the Antibalas horns in tow.

The verses and choruses are fine, but the real magic happens in between, when the percussion and horns take over. Awesome!

Beastie Boys on Fallon

The Beastie Boys appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night. Some thoughts:

  • The Beastie Boys still kick ass.
  • The Beastie Boys are aging right along with the rest of us (except for that poofy haired Mike D. What’s his secret?).
  • I know their schedule is pretty full, but the Roots clearly need to be the Beasties’ full time backing band.
  • I now feel the need to check out the newly released remastered edition of Check Your Head
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Check out “So What’cha Want” from Fallon…

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