• Rock n' Folk

    Me & My Lover

    The monsoons are rollin’ in. Lightning is flashing, thunder is rumbling. And this song is the perfect accompaniment. Slow, calm, primal, building up to a ferocity. Matthew Ryan – Me & My Lover (mp3) Buy East Autumn Grin

  • Rock

    Love is the Silencer

    I mentioned in an earlier Matthew Ryan post that I’d remind you to pick up his new album, From a Late Night High Rise, when it was available. Well, it’s been out for 12 days, and let me tell you,…

  • Acoustic,  Rock

    New Strays Don’t Sleep in U.S.

    It took a while, but Strays Don’t Sleep‘s debut album will finally see its U.S. release next week (June 13th). Being a fan of Matthew Ryan’s work, I eagerly bought the UK import late last year and wasn’t disappointed. There’s…

  • Pop

    Strays Don’t Sleep

    UPDATE – 12/7/2005 “For Blue Skies” was on “One Tree Hill” tonight. Mp3 below…. For all you people who like that sound, that’s Matthew Ryan on vocals. Check out his stuff (some links below). I’ve blogged about Matthew Ryan a…

  • Rock n' Folk

    Matt’s Chrome Heart

    I absolutely have to throw a little more Matthew Ryan out there for those fans of the gravelly voiced genre. This song’ll rip you apart, brother (or sister). Matt’s gotta heart made of chrome, and he ain’t about to rest…

  • Rock n' Folk

    This Holy Mess

    “It’s hardly morning It’s early January There’s always something That’s coming or gone Out in the dark light I go walking Into the quiet Of this holy mess” So I’m a sucker for the gritty raw singer songwriter types. Springsteen,…