Van the Man

Last Sunday morning my wife asked to hear some Van Morrison, so, I kindly obliged by queuing up the best of Van’s more spiritual offerings, “Hymns to the Silence.” Now, for the uninitiated, this is not the young, stoned, romantic Van of hit-making days and his still fresh sounding “Moondance” era. This is Van the Preacher Man in all of his enlightened glory. He is older, wiser, and has a more seasoned approach to life, but still not quite mainstream and always ready to lash out at the hand that feeds him. Anyway, this song, “See Me Through, Part 2 (Just a Closer Walk With Thee)” is an incredible surprise to anyone who has not heart it. It starts out gentle enough with the standard organ giving it that proper church feel befitting of an old gospel classic, but wait…. on the second bridge, Van begins speaking…. about the past and what has sustained him through the years (hence the See Me Through title)… and he builds to a feverish pitch that never fails to send goosebumps to run all up and down my spine. It is thrilling and very inspirational to hear… you won’t believe it…. it is the most impassioned recitation in a recorded piece of music I have ever heard. And there is a message to it, it gets in your head and bounces around until you’re ready to stand and shout, “Preach it Van, I hear ya, preach it brother.” Previous, Previous, Previous…. Sit back and take a listen and prepare to be moved….

Van Morrison – See Me Through, Part 2 (Just a Closer Walk With Thee)
(wma) – from ‘Hymns to the Silence’, 1991, Polydor – {}

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