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I’m not sure who out there has VH-1 Classic, but on Friday, they played a great semi-recent Curtis Mayfield club show from somewhere in Europe. Hey how’s that for detail?? (Hey, I tried finding info on the VH-1 Classic web site, but no luck…) He and his band played a sweet version of “I’m So Proud”, one of Curtis’ tunes from his days with the Impressions long ago. He had that audience in the palms of his hands, it seemed everyone was on the edge of getting emotional. *sniff*

I wish I could track down that live version, but I can’t, so here’s the original from the early 60’s.

Listen: Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions – I’m So Proud (mp3)

Buy: The Anthology 1961-1977, Geffen 1992

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