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Soel - Memento

Soel is Pascal Ohse, a Paris born and bred trumpeter and composer who’s a member of popular European group St. Germain. Memento is his first solo effort, where he pays homage to the American R&B, classic soul and jazz that he digs so immensely. What he have in this tune is a very obvious tribute to the Barry Whites and Isaac Hayeses of the world. Soel, you rascal!

You can preview all the tracks on his official Warner Bros. site.

Buy Memento.


  • Aljaz

    Hi my friend,

    this’s got nothing to do with the current posting, but in case you don’t check comments for the past postings of yours, here ’tis: thank you and I’m forever in your debt for the Rita Moreno and Animal “Fever” video. You cannot image how this took me back to a happy place in my memory, watching The Muppet show (Animal being my favourite too) religiously, one of the few western television shows in the then (not so strict, to be fair) communist country of mine. Don’t give me your Gene Krupas, Bonzo Bonhams or whoever, Animal is the best drummer there ever was, hands down. And a showman to boot. Probably wouldn’t want him as a housepet, but, boy, does he know his stuff inside out.

    Come to think of it, being my programm of choice back in the early youth, Kermit tought me how to be kind, organised and patient (puting up with Miss Piggy he had to be “Kermmy, when will we be married, dear?” “Um, I will marry you when the ocean turns to yoghurt.” “I’ll take that as a maybe”) and all other characters taught me various do and donts. Animal taught me how to be passionate and that a little bit of naughtiness, served with good humor, never hurt anyone.

  • Joe Ammoscato

    St. Germain, is not a group it’s one guy a.k.a. noted French composer-producer Ludovic Navarre.
    He has other cd’s out. The two most popular are Tourist and Boulevard. Soel is also basically Ludovic Navarre, I believe this is his cd with the help of trumpeter Pascal Ohs. Thanks.

  • SdC

    @ Joe > Soel is a solo project by Pascal Ohs; but the crew behind is almost the same than on St Germain albums and you’re right L.Navarre helped for production

    It sounds quite the same than St Germain, part of the reason I was a bit disapointed; sounds too much like things we’ve been hearing here for years now

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