Hanging with Bill

Some of you return visitors may have noticed a recurring theme on Ickmusic: Steve Earle. My strong appreciation for Mr. Earle’s work has led me to some great music, through his own work, and through his association with others. One in particular is the Bill Lyerly Band. Bill Lyerly has been churning out the blues in North Carolina for over 25 years. In 1998, he released ‘Railroad Station Blues’ (Buy it here}. On one track, he brought in the Twangtrust to produce it. The Twangtrust is Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy. The track is “Hangmen”. Steve joins in on the singing too. . . a quite catchy little number about the life of a hangman. “The hangman’s there to do his duty, the hangman never cries…”

Bill Lyerly Band
: Hangmen (mp3)
Bonus: Virtual Reality Time (mp3)

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