Once Again Hitting you in The Shins

I’m going to blog about the Shins. You see, I’m relatively new to the Shins. I discovered them in April, when I heard “Gone for Good”, and promptly posted it, proclaiming my love for it. I could still listen to that song on repeat for an entire week and never tire of it. Well I picked up their first album, ‘Oh, Inverted World’ recently, AND I saw the movie Garden State, both which feature the great and also infectious tune “New Slang”. James Mercer’s smooth voice and intelligently entertaining lyrics are right up my alley.

So yeah, the Shins are nothing new to a lot of folks and “New Slang” is the most well known off the album, but for those of you who haven’t heard them, check ’em out.

The Shins: New Slang (mp3) from Oh, Inverted World || Gone for Good (mp3) live at Austin City Limits)

  • The Shins Official Site
  • Do you like these tunes? Well leave a comment for chrissake! Let’s up the interactivity of this sumbitch. Sometimes I feel like I’m bloggin’ to a brick wall.

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  • Nick Francis

    Hey Pete-
    Your posts have been right-on. Keep it up.

    I too came a little late to the Shins. (It was my kid who turned me on to them.) Really like Gone For Good.

    They are a southwest band…having got started and played together many years in Albuquerque.

    Cheers, Nick

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