Chillin in the Love Lounge

(tina graham of love lounge)

Love Lounge is a Minneapolis band formed by Mark Campbell and Tina Graham. They’re working on getting their demo available to the masses, and should have a MySpace page up & running soon. In the meantime, here is their song “The Doll”, a soft, introspective song that, as Mark says, “would make Norah Jones eat her heart out…..Tina’s voice is so beautiful on this one.”

The Lineup is:

Tina Graham….lead and backing vocals
Mark Campbell….rhythm guitar
Paul Bolin….bass, keyboards
Ian MacKay…lead guitar
Amy Brockman…backing vocals
Dave Hoon…drums

I’ll have more of their tracks available soon. If you like what you hear and yearn for more, contact Mark to get a hold of their demo. If you’re in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, go check ‘em out live. I’ll have some live dates posted shortly.

Love Lounge: The Doll (mp3) – written by Graham / Campbell (as are all L.L. tunes).

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