Bryan Ferry’s Dylanesque

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry’s new album, Dylanesque, is released tomorrow. As the title suggests, it’s Ferry’s take on 11 Bob Dylan tunes. I jumped in to take a listen, and I have to say, I like what I hear.

He goes uptempo on “Simple Twist of Fate” – and succeeds. He also covers one of my favorite later era Dylan tunes: Time Out of Mind‘s “Make You Feel My Love”. Tie me up and flog me if you wish, but I still think Garth Brooks has the best version of this song. It’s the sweet n’ sugary side of me I guess (the side of me that sings along to “The Rose” when I hear it).

The whole album is streaming at Spinner.com. Go on over and take a listen. And you can taste a couple of tracks here too…

Bryan FerryPositively 4th Street (Windows streaming) | Positively 4th Street (Real streaming)

Bryan’s Official Site.

Buy Dylanesque…

Sample the entire album on Spinner.com.


  • Zack

    Thanks – I’ve been curious about this for months. Though I’m not very familiar with his solo work (give me early Roxy any day!), I find Ferry to be an interesting figure in pop culture. He would be among the last people I would expect to do an album of all Dylan tunes, but it works.

    Also, I never knew “To Make You Feel My Love” was a Dylan tune, though I’ve been familiar with the Billy Joel version for years. Learn something new every day!

  • Johnny Bacardi

    Bryan did a great, funny cover of “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” on his first solo album, These Foolish Things back in 1974 so covering Zimmy is nothing new to him. I’m looking forward to hearing this new one…

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