Keen on Keane

There’s something to be said for a well-crafted, catchy pop song. This one came along and caught my attention recently. Keane formed in Battle, East Sussex, England in the late 90’s, and caught the attention of British record label Fierce Panda Records in late 2002. Their first released single was this nice tune here:

Keane: Everybody’s Changing (mp3) – from Hopes and Dreams


  • Ana

    I’ve always loved Keane, that’s one of my favorite songs actually, but personally I prefer She Has No Time, that one is by far one of the greatest in my mind

  • Markadelphia

    Just another of many great bands coming out of the UK…

    I saw them when they came to Mpls the first time and they were incredible!

    Best song….Bedshaped, the last song on the disc and their show closer.

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