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A Weekend with Ye Olde Style Council

We’re just over a month away from Paul Weller’s new album 22 Dreams (on Yep Roc), which I really look forward to hearing. I thought I’d take a trip back to his great blue-eyed British soul band of the 80’s, The Style Council. Wanting to incorporate R&B, soul, and jazz into his songwriting, Weller had walked away from his pioneering, mod-revival band The Jam in 1982, at their peak, and formed the Style Council in 1983. The Style Council sort of fizzled out by the end of the decade, but Weller has continued on with a strong solo career as sort of the Mod Godfather of the British music scene.

This is the kind of show that accompanies a nice sunny day, a cool breeze, and a nice lemonade (preferably spiked) on the front porch. No day time front porch action for me, by the way. High of 102 on Sunday, and 106 on Monday. And heeere we go. Another summer in the Sonoran Desert.

JamBonus → Oh, also, a blog synergy bonus: Steve at Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore has a sweet Jam show from 1980.


The Style Council
March 10th, 1984
Goldigger, Chippenham, UK

Intro – Pete Drummond (BBC)
Meeting Over Yonder
My Ever Changing Moods
Speak Like A Child
The Whole Point Of No Return
Le Depart
The Paris Match
Party Chambers
Money Go Round
Headstart For Happiness
Hanging On To A Memory
Dropping Bombs On The White House
Long Hot Summer

Check out some Weller goodies…

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  • Mark

    This is a great show and a wonderfully perfect description by Pete on how to listen to it. Anytime I hear “Long Hot Summer” I think of those days of yore…of falling in love while not really knowing what it meant.

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