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Irresistible Prince

To round off my Prince posts before tonight’s SNL appearance, I want to drop another few your way, and also steer you toward the brand new video from his March 21 release ‘3121’. It’s called “Black Sweat”, and it’s vintage funky down n dirty Prince. I ripped a lil mp3 from the audio so you can sample it before you go to Amazon and preorder it. I assume this is one of the two he’ll be performing tonight. Hopefully with Steve Martin as host, there will be a Three Amigos skit and Prince will play the part of the Singing Bush (or Jefe).

Prince: Black Sweat (mp3) – new **
Prince: Irresistible Bitch (mp3) – B side to “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”, found on The Hits : B-Sides
Prince: Let’s Work – Extended 12″ (mp3) – original version found on Controversy

Video: Black Sweat (need to use Internet Explorer for the Yahoo player)


  • ion

    Thanks for these, especially the extended version of Let’s Work. I’m a big fan of his extended versions as well. So when are you going to post the half-hour long version of “America”? 😉 But seriously, I’d love to see all these extended versions officially released on CD. There are so many good ones — Pop Life, Boys & Girls, Housequake, Mountains, Alphabet Street — just to name a few. Looking forward to seeing him on SNL, which is only about an hour away.

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