Old School

Good Night Ned

My college partner in crime, Jason, noticing my recent trend of reaching way back into my past (80’s Prince), emerged recently with an email containing the Beastie Boys version of ‘Bennie and the Jets’, as sung by Biz Markie. He “originally had it as a floppy pull-out 45 from that Beastie Boys zine, Grand Royal. Like a perfume insert from one of those (you’re-not-a) beauty magazines, except it reeked of beastibizfunk.” Amen brother.

Beastie Boys w/ Biz Markie: Benny & the Jets (mp3) – found on The Sounds of Science (1999)

Ah hell, here’s one more old school classic I was reminded of recently on Sirius BackSpin:

EPMD: You’re a Customer (mp3) – from Strictly Business (1988)

Like me, Jason recognizes The Three Amigos as a timeless classic (he noticed my singing bush reference recently), and threw in My Little Buttercup (mp3) for good measure.

“It’s a sweater!!”

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