Funk,  Prince

Prince at the Brits

Here’s the Man continuing his current campaign of funky butt kicking at this year’s Brit Awards, performing “Te Amo Corazon” “Fury”, “Purple Rain”, and “”Let’s Go Crazy”. Joined by Sheila E. on drums, Wendy Melvoin on guitar, Lisa Coleman on keys, and his new gaggle of girls jumping around like Vanity 6, it’s like the 80’s all over again! I am ready for this tour…

Go pre-order his latest album, 3121, coming out on March 21st.


  • Charlie

    It was great to see Wendy and Lisa together again with Prince. I’ve got all of the cd’s that those girls have put out since they left the Revolution back in 87. I would love to see these guys put out more music together in the near future. It was also good to see Sheila E there too. I saw her playing the drums for Prince on the Lovesexy Tour. Now all we need is to get some new music from the greatest band ever…The Time.

  • Pete

    I too saw Sheila banging the skins on the Lovesexy tour. 2 nights at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, 1988, with my high school girlfriend Brandi. My first 2 Prince shows. I could have rode in a limo to see him on the Purple Rain tour, but noooo, ol’ mom & dad wouldn’t let their 14 year old ride a limo from Racine, Wisc. to Chicago. Now that I’m a father, yeah, I get it.

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