Country Rock

We’ll go Stepping Out

Waco Bros

Thanks to those of you who have followed me from my old web address to another one, and now finally to this one. I promise, this is the last stop! As you can see, I finally got my domain sorted out, and got my WordPress blog transferred over to it. For you bloggers out there, I definitely recommend WordPress. Blogger / Blogspot is a great way to get started, but if you’re ready to make a leap to better blogging software with cooler and more robust features, look at WordPress.

First off is the Waco Brothers. Jon Langford, founding member of the Mekons, formed alt-country-rock-punk band the Waco Brothers in the mid-90’s. Jon’s from the UK, but expatriated to Chicago, and obviously has a soft spot for that American rootsy country sound with a whole lot of brash punk sensibility thrown in. This one’s great, and reminds me of a drive back from Las Vegas years ago with this tune cranked (truly the wickedest city in the world).

Waco Brothers: Wickedest City (mp3) – from Do You Think About Me

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