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Book em Danno

Here is an absolutely bizarre post I found on Boing Boing… wow, wonderful use of the University of Colorado’s law enforcement agency…. damn pot smokers!

Doug says: “Every year on 4/20, students and residents gather on Farrand Field at CU Boulder to defy the authorities and smoke marijuana publicly. This year, the University of Boulder Police Department fought back by taking pictures of as many participants as possible. They have a website with photos up, offering an $50 reward to anyone who positively identifies someone who was photographed. Nothing about what the authorities plan to do with the information is posted. Scary.”

Scary and downright mystifying indeed…..

Link to the CU Boulder Police web site

This song has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand, but it sounded awfully good this morning when it randomly materialized…….

Kings of Convenience
: Gold for the Price of Silver (mp3) – from Versus

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