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John Prine – You Got Gold

I’m in the John Prine state of mind.

I guess it was a year ago about this time when I professed my love for The Missing Years album. Another track popped up tonight while I was holding my youngest daughter, getting ready to give her a bath. I immediately stopped in my tracks, and we spent the next four and a half minutes dancing and spinning. What a look of joy on her face. Goosebump moments.

Non-parents have already moved on to the next web site, but you parents know how it is – those spontaneous moments out of nowhere where your child can somehow convince you – just with an expression or a gleam in her eye – that all is right with this world. Escapism in its purest, most innocent (not to mention healthiest) form.

So it’s this song that I’ve absolutely loved since the record came out back in 1991. It’s the joyful, reeling melody, combined with Prine’s witty and beautiful lyrics. I mean look at this verse:

Life is a blessing, it’s a delicatessen
Of all the little favors you do.
All wrapped up together no matter the weather,
Baby you always come through.
It’s a measure of treasure that gives me the pleasure
Of loving you the way I do
And you know I would gladly say I need your love badly
And bring these little things to you.

Who else but John Prine could craft that?

So listen up, and if you have a spare few moments with your kid, give him or her a whirl with this one…

John PrineYou Got Gold (mp3) – from The Missing Years (Boss fans – Bruce and Prine duet on “Take a Look at My Heart”, reason enough to pick up the album – and so do Tom Petty and Bonnie Raitt)

John’s most recent album is a collection of old school country & western standards with bluegrass legend Mac Wiseman. It’s a great ride, and definitely puts me in a great place each time I hear it. Here’s a taste of what you’re in store for….

John Prine & Mac WisemanDon’t Be Ashamed of Your Age (mp3) – from Standard Songs for Average People

John’s Official Site


  • Cove

    You right, Pete! Missing Years is one of my favorites as well. Have been a fan of his since listening to “Prime Prine” and staying up all night on the beach in college. And after his recovery from lung cancer, he never sounded happier than on his latest, “Fair & Square”.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the Prine!

    You’re actually the one that first showed me the light on him, so I need to pick your mind.

    He’s got a million albums out (or maybe I can’t count)…which ones beyond “The Missing Years” would you recommend I dig up?

  • gorjus

    Pete, I saw John Prine for the first time about three months ago, in Jackson, Mississippi. I wasn’t a fan at the time but a good friend took me to the show–and it was literally breathtaking. A beautiful time, and this song was likely one of my favorites. There’s a good video of it on YouTube, too.

  • Richard


    thanks for the tune. I’ve been a Prine fan for a lonnng time – saw him first in ’78 in Toronto @ the Mariposa FF with Steve Goodman…they both just showed up [very drunk] and took the stage [no, they weren’t on the bill] and those in the know just let them play… gotta say that my favourite album has always been Diamonds in the Rough – there are some wonderfully dark tunes on the LP…he got a bit Rock n roll for a while and the Missing Years brought him back to where I like him best. Bruised orange still makes me laugh.

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