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Notting Hillbillies in Newcastle

notting hillbilies

Reading the paper this morning, I was informed that it’s Mark Knopfler’s 57th birthday today. I’ve been meaning to get this show posted, so what better opportunity than today? The Notting Hillbillies was Knopfler’s post-Dire Straits group that he formed with old friend Steve Phillips. They started playing gigs in 1986 and didn’t release their debut (and only) album until 1990. This gig is from 1993, after Dire Straits had released their final studio album in 1991 (‘On Every Street’). Their 1990 album, ‘Missing: Presumed Having a Good Time’, explores traditional country territories, and is a great listen (I particularly like “Blues, Stay Away From Me”).

So here they are performing Dire Straits & Hillbillies tunes in Newcastle during the summer of ’93.

Swan Hunter Shipyard

Newcastle, England
July 6th, 1993

1. Intro
2. Calling Elvis
3. So Far Away (Calypso version)
4. Your Own Sweet Way
5. Run Me Down
6. Why Worry
7. Railroad Worksong
8. Feel Like Going Home
9. Setting Me Up
10. Outro

>> Buy Missing: Presumed Having a Good Time.


  • drfeelgoed

    Great set, thanx! Would you happen to have any work from another Notting Hillbillies member: Brendan Crooker? I used to have some of his solo stuff, highly recommended!

  • Dan

    Thanks, ick. I love the The Notting Hillbillies and would love another album by this group. Great country, rockabilly, blues and British tradition influences.

    Left to himself (and even with EmmyLou) MK can be too mellow for his (and my) own good.

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