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Old School Friday

Diddy Stares at Jessica Biel's Gozangas

I’m not going to knock Diddy for this one. If I was standing next to Jessica Biel, I’d probably gaze at her golden globes too. Well done Diddy! What a great segue into another Old School Friday!

Schoolly D

Schooly D: Am I Black Enough for You? (mp3) – from 1989’s album of the same name, this was Schoolly D’s fourth release. With songs like “Black”, “Black Is…”, “Education of a Black Man”, “Black Education”, “Black Jesus”, and “Black Power”, um, yeah, I’d call it afrocentric.

Slick Rick

Slick Rick: The Moment I Feared (mp3) – Ricky Walters, aka Slick Rick, left Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew in the late 80’s to embark on a very successful solo career (even with a two year prison term in the midst of it all). This one comes from his 89 debut, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.


Whistle: Barbara’s Bedroom (mp3) – Who remembers Whistle? “We’re Only Buggin”, anyone? This album was on regular rotation in, what 86, 87, I think?


  • dawglb12

    I actually still have this one “Whistle” Man I have all of these joints listed here. This is myy first time visiting your site, it brings back a lot of memories. Another one was L.A. Dream Team’s “For Lisa For Love” Check it out, it is the last song on the album “Bad To The Bone”.

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