Prince’s Super Bowl Set List (Maybe)

Prince and a Twin

UPDATE: See this post for video of the performance.

The set list was:

We Will Rock You intro
Let’s Go Crazy
1999 (short interlude)
Baby I’m a Star >
Proud Mary >
Baby I’m a Star
All Along the Watchtower (brief) >
Best Of You
Purple Rain


Potential Spoiler Alert on the Super Bowl set list (don’t read any further if you don’t want to know what Prince will be playing @ the Super Bowl)…..

I saw a possible set list thrown into a comment on this post (which includes the full Sign o the Times rehearsal shows). No idea if this is true or not, but here’s what it said:

Let’s Go Crazy’
‘Baby I’m a Star’
‘Proud Mary’ (brief)
‘Best Of You’
‘Purple Rain’ complete with releasing of doves. The whole set is actually pretty cool, for being Prince.

Also, a TV station blog heard the rehearsal yesterday, and had this to say about it…

The sound was clean, and I can give you a preview of what you will hear on Super Bowl Sunday. “Let’s Go Crazy” is on the play list. And, of course, the big finale will be Prince’s signature song “Purple Rain”. But, wait, it gets even better. As the final song builds, the stadium will shoot off fireworks. Purple fireworks, that will look like they are “raining” down over the sides of the stadium bowl (get it?). For Prince fans, it wil be a great show. Then, there are guys like me who are not really all that taken with the “formerly-named-after-an-unpronouncable-symbol” singer. But, even for me, it sounded pretty good.

So it looks like the set list could be legit. Also, with “Best of You” (cover of Foo Fighters) being supplied to Howard Stern’s show last week (you’ll find the audio from the show in this post), it’s very possible that this could be it. Somewhere in there the Florida A&M marching band is gonna do their thing. Hmm, well, we’ll see soon enough.

Yeah, it’s possible that I’m obsessing on Prince’s Super Bowl moment. But it’s pretty exciting for those of us who have followed the man for 20 plus years. I’ve been hooked since my first viewing of Purple Rain in September 1984. Since then, I’ve ridden along on the sometimes bumpy journey that is being a Prince fan. He’s had his ups & downs, and has made some interesting career decisions along the way, but you can always count on being surprised, and most of the time, rewarded with some of the freshest, funkiest, most unique music around.

So go get ’em Prince. Rock the millions upon millions of people who will be watching. Show ’em what ya got.

Lots of blogs are chiming in on the man’s performance tomorrow. Here’s a few:

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With Prince being the devout Jehovah’s Witness that he has become, we can pretty much guarantee no wardrobe malfunctions tomorrow. The days of this Prince are apparently through …


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