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Luna’s Waiting on a Friend


I could easily sit down, bring up the Stones’ “Waiting on a Friend” in iTunes, put it on repeat, and listen to it for 24 straight hours. Love the song, always have, and never tire of hearing it. So I was intrigued today when I was nerdily scouring my web site statistics, and noticed someone had hit my site by searching for “Luna – Waiting on a Friend”. I have Luna’s 1994 release ‘Bewitched‘, which I really like (especially “Great Jones Street”), but I haven’t heard much Luna since. But I certainly am familiar with their soothing vibe.

So off I went to eMusic to download post haste. And I’m glad I did. They put their laid back twist on a great song, and though no one will ever touch the original, this is a great second.

Luna: Waiting on a Friend (mp3) – from Close Cover Before Striking

Luna’s Official Site

Here’s some more mp3’s from their official site.

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