Bruce Springsteen

Dry Lightning

Imagery… You want imagery, you listen to this song and read these lyrics.

Well the piss yellow sun
Comes bringin’ up the day
She said “ain’t nobody gonna give nobody
What they really need anyway”

Well you get so sick of the fightin’
You lose your fear of the end
But I can’t lose your memory
And the sweet smell of your skin

Sick. Absolutely sick what this man does with words and music. These words have moistened my eyes more than once. Didn’t think I was the sensitive type, did ya?

Yeah, I’m starting to itch for Bruce. Since the Seeger Sessions tour ended a few months ago, he’s been off the radar a bit. Rumors have started to pop up about him recording in Atlanta and Nashville, but nothing definitive. The man leads a low profile life, you gotta respect him for that.

So because it’s been quiet on the Boss front lately, I thought I’d share this Ghost of Tom Joad gem, live from the Joad tour back in 1996.

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