La Boheme, Acts III and IV

Cristina Gallardo-Domâs
Cristina Gallardo-Domâs, soprano who plays Mimi in this performance (I’m not sure which character / opera the photo is from).

And so here we have Acts III and IV of La Boheme. I’m glad to see some enthusiasm about the recent opera posts. I’ve had these arias going through my head all week. The cool thing about opera – and I’ll lump classical music into this observation too – is the history behind it. La Boheme debuted in 1896. Isn’t it pretty amazing to consider that people like you and me have been enjoying these arias for the last 111 years? Think about some of the classical composers. Their music has been touching people for hundreds of years. Hundreds. What a legacy to leave behind.

The crazy thing is that people a couple hundred years from now will be looking back at our era with the same historical perspective and amazement. There will be some kid in the year 2307 hearing Hendrix, Miles, Dylan, Prince, and Springsteen for the first time. And Sanjaya of course (I hope you all did your part and voted tonight). Something tells me that a religion will soon form based on the life’s work of the Great Sanjaya. It is beyond our control, I’m afraid. For now, we vote. Sanjaya will not be stopped.

So enjoy Act’s III and IV. I’ll have to track down a performance of Madame Butterfly for some near future opera action.

La Boheme

February 3, 2007
Metropolitan Opera, New York City

–Act III: At the toll gate —
Ohe, la, le guardie! Aprite!
Sa dirmi, scusi, qual’e l’osteria
Mimi! Speravo di trovarvi qui
Marcello. Finalemente!
Mimi e una civetta
Mimi e tanto malata!
Donde lieta usci al tuo grido d’amore
Dunque e proprio finita!

–Act IV: Back in the garret —
In un coupe?
O Mimi, tu piu non torni
Gavotta! Minuetto! Pavanella! Fandango!
C’e Mimi!
Vecchia zimarra, senti
Sono andati? Fingevo di dormire
Che avvien? Nulla. Sto bene

Metropolitan Opera Choir and Orchestra
Conductor: Carlo Rizzi


Marcello (baritone) – Dwayne Croft
Rodolfo (tenor) – Marcello Giordani
Colline (bass) – John Relyea
Schaunard (baritone) – Aaron St. Clair Nicholson
Benoit (bass) – Paul Plishka
Mimì (soprano) – Cristina Gallardo-Domâs
Parpignol (tenor) – Meredith Derr
Alcindoro (bass) – Paul Plishka
Musetta (soprano) – Susannah Glanville


  • lolly

    Thank you so much for this, I don’t know wether you edited it yourself, so much appreciate it if you did, whatever your source, words just dont seem enough praise, for your generosity, I love this site, such culture as well as every other little jewel you find for us, Iam sure there are plenty of opera buffs out there, that dont want to admit to being in their element to find this rare wee find
    Oh Pete, Pete, Pete, Petey, re your Prince post and my reference to his “Pizza Bum” I just found out what a dingleberry is, you cheeky rascal, there I’ve gone and tainted this lovely post with filth ………sorry!

  • Pete

    No no lolly I’M the one who’s sorry for making you Google “dingleberry”! Wait, I think I just found a great new band name – – Google Dingleberry!
    Love your comments, keep ’em coming…

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