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Simple Twist of Fate, Jerry-Style

Jerry Garcia Band

Regardless of your general palate for the Grateful Dead, it’s pretty hard to listen to this version of the Bob Dylan-penned “Simple Twist of Fate” and not be moved. Whether it’s Garcia’s pleading and perfect vocal, or his crisp and cascading guitar solos, this performance is simply gorgeous.

The Jerry Garcia Band was Jerry’s opportunity to let loose and play some of his favorite music outside of the Dead “scene”, from Dylan to Motown to gospel. And in my opinion, it got no better than this…

Jerry Garcia BandSimple Twist of Fate (mp3)

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  • Jeffro

    Excellent choice – it’s a beautiful song, and it’s great to hear JG wrap his voice and guitar around it. The rest of that album is quite excellent (and it’s often overlooked) – love the other covers, too, like “Dear Prudence,” and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.”

  • Zooomabooma

    One of the reasons it’s overlooked within Deadhead circles is that it’s not a show.

    Similarly, who the heck ever listens to Without A Net? I can see both from here, on a shelf of Dead family CDs… collecting dust. Perhaps one day I’ll throw it (Without A Net) in [the CD player] or the above double disc Jerry Garcia Band… but to so many of us it’s a whole show we wanna listen to, not a disc or two of highlights. That’s not to say Jerry Garcia Band or Without a Net are bad releases. They’re absolutely not. They should be cherished because they’re full of some of the best music on the planet! But for many of us, this addiction of new shows, new dates, new setlists keeps us too busy to play such official releases as those mentioned here.

    Garciya Later!

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