New Philly Phunk: The Blue Method

I’m liking a CD I was recently sent, by Philadelphia funk outfit The Blue Method. Catchy, hooky, fun-kay music. They’re releasing their second album, Kill the Music, Vol. 2, later this month. If you’re in the Philly area, go to the World Cafe on Saturday, June 23rd for their CD release party.

Dammit I know my funk, and these boys got it! They lay it down thick, my friends, and that’s a beautiful thing. From the head bobbing “Get Back Home” (below), to the laid back groove of “…And How Does That Make You Feel”, to the retro power soul of “Spinnin” (which you can hear on their MySpace site), to their tribute to the Godfather of Soul in “Let Me See You”, I know a lot of you out there will enjoy this.

Check out their links below and pick up their new CD when it’s available….

The Blue MethodGet Back Home (The Bounce) [mp3]

The Blue Method’s Official Site | MySpace


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