Prince: Buy My Smell!

photo by Richard Avedon for Rolling Stone #429

Here’s something I could not be less enthusiastic about: Prince will be releasing his new fragrance, 3121, on 07-07-07! Ssssnnnnnniiiffff…. owwwwwaaaaa!! Yip yip – yooooooo! And he’s marking the occasion by playing an exclusive mini concert on the 8th floor of a &@# Macy’s department store! $250 gets the first 1,400 people the Ultimate Prince Xperience: a ticket to see Prince at Macy’s in Minneapolis, a bottle of his perfume, and a ticket to see him at the Target Center that night.

Perfumes, Macy’s, multi-thousand dollar tickets to see him play in the Hamptons … jeez P, just release an album and go on a normal tour ferchrissakes. You’re losing me here…

Sorry, I may be bitter that I won’t be in London this summer for his 21 night stand. To give some credit where credit is due, he has kept those ticket prices low at a respectable 31 pounds.

He’s also playing seven nights at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood next month, but that seems to be a more exclusive / VIP affair. Tickets prices are rumored to be not so respectable to common folk like many of us. Still waiting to see ticket info (and not looking forward to finding out).

Take it, Fela…

Fela Kuti w/ Ginger Baker – Ye Ye De Smell (mp3) – from Live!

About the Eau de Purple (from this article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune):

Purple reigns over all of the senses for Prince. The artist-musician has created a fragrance for women, called 3121. The name matches the name of his Las Vegas club and most recent album title, and it originates from the address of a home he rented in Los Angeles.

The perfume will be launched on July 7 (7/7/7) at 12 a.m. with a 24-hour online charity event, including a Prince performance. Watch and buy at 3121 will also be available at select Macy’s stores. Prices start at $31.21 and go up to $70. Seven percent of sales will be divided between seven charities. It’s clear Prince likes numbers (and colors and symbols).

The bottle is purple, and cut in the shape of an emerald-cut diamond. The 3121 logo is 22K gold.

The scent is floral with many undertones. It probably does smell like purple.


  • Zack

    To his credit, the tickets for the actual show on the 7th are reasonable, ranging from $30 to $130. I’m definitely trying for tickets on saturday. But yeah…I’ll pass on the perfume thanks.

  • Glaeser

    At least he’s sticking with $31.21. He could have gone with…

    7/7/7 ($)9311.*

    (That was much clearer when I thought it, than when I typed it.)

    *with apologies to Morris and the Time.

  • BlueSkyMine

    Every report that I’ve ever read of personal encounters with the little purple guy says he just has this ‘pleasant scent’. Without fail everyone mentions that.

    7/7/7 looks to be a big date!

  • jazzmaster

    I love the man’s music… I’m not so sure about the scent, though.

    What… Does he think he’s Paris Hilton or something?!


  • lukaluv

    Glaeser, i dont get why it would be $9311?? Also, this isnt the first scent prince has released.. back in like ’98 or something he had this cologne that was a limited release. i had a boyfriend who was a big fan and i was like WHAT are u wearing?? it was sooo diff and realllly yummy. i forget the name of it but yeah, it was good. so i expect nothing less than that. prince is a GENIUS. and also VERY misunderstood.. also jazz, are you REALLY comparing prince to paris hilton??? yuck.

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