Ickmusic Live: Bruce Cockburn, 1993

bruce cockburn

“Wow”, I say.

As a lover, yes lover, of Bruce Cockburn‘s music, coming across this crystal clear show from 1993 – the year I discovered his music – is a godsend. My very favorite Cockburn tune, “All the Ways I Want You”? Check. Second favorite, “One Day I Walk”? Check. Pissed off activist Bruce? Check (“Stolen Land”, “Maybe the Poet”, “Rocket Launcher”). Great sense of humor in the between-song banter? Double check.

Just a great show. If you’re a Cockburn fan and you haven’t heard this, prepare for your head to spin. If you’re not familiar with Bruce’s music, spend some time with this show, and it’s likely you’ll end up a fan.

Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO
August 28th, 1993

Download a ZIP (mp3’s)

Maybe the Poet
Wondering Where the Lions Are
Tibetan Side of Town
Train in the Rain
All the Ways I Want You
Southland of the Heart
Soul of a Man
The Blues Got the World by the Balls
Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long
Stolen Land
Mighty Trucks of Midnight
If I Had a Rocket Launcher
If a Tree Falls
All the Diamonds in the World
One Day I Walk
Tie Me at the Crossroads

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  • Steve

    Hey! I was born in Boulder! I guess I need to check this out.

    Never heard of Bruce Cockburn.

    I trust your taste, so I’m looking forward to this.


  • bill

    lucky enough to see Bruce in the mid-80’s in DC. Some of his songs are pure magic. And you are right; Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaw is his finest effort.

  • Brad

    Thanks a billion for this. I’m in heaven listening to this. I’ve been lucky enough to see him twice, once solo acoustic, the other time with a bass and drums (and a great big life-size “wind charm” which he would kick occasionally for ‘accompaniment.’

    Seriously, this is as fine as it gets. I’m awed, overwhelmed. A message to Steve, who commented above: You are in for a treat.

    I have LOTS of Cockburn CDs, and don’t have In the FAlling Dark! I’ll change that right away! I agree with you other two choices, especially Dart, but have to hold out for Nothing But a Burning Light, too. I was lucky enough to find a promo with a second disc called Primer, a greatest ‘hits.’ I think it was released later on its own.

    Thanks tahkns thanks. My friends I am sending your url to thank you too. Acutally, they’ll thank ME and praise ME and I’ll take it all, but they’ll buy me beers for soemthing this good and I promise we’ll toast to you.


  • Brad

    Thanks, Pete! I had only listened to a few songs when I posted what I did, then the wind chimes kicked in big and loud and I had to laugh. I THOUGHT I saw him solo acoustic in 93, but he didn’ thave windchimes. It could have been 92 or 94. What do I know.

    I sent this concert to my girlfriend, and she wrote back, when can we go see him? I love it!


  • Dan

    Wow, Pete, that is really excellent. I usually say thanks when I snag something, but I just listened to that and I know that I will be playing that show pretty often now.

    Thanks so much.

  • douglas small

    haven’t even listened yet – just downloading – but being a long time BC fan I know it will be worth it. my mate bought sunwheel dance and initated me in the early seventies and i have bought everything since. there was a videocassette once alled rumours of glory. would be great if it even came out on DVD.

  • Ishmael

    Followed a link from my myspace player here for the live “Maybe The Poet”. Forwarding the comments and date/time/location of the live quote about the song to the cockburn project website at I’m sorry I missed the download. I’ve seen Bruce about 6 times over the years beginning in 1981 in San Francisco(Humans tour). Tibetan Side of Town is my favorite off this set list. I caught the Life Short, Call Now tour in Santa Fe. I lived in Longmont from 94 to 96 and saw John Mayall and Marshall Crenshaw shows at the Fox. I saw this tour in Sacramento a month or so later and actually taped a live remote of the first show I saw at the Old Waldorf from the sponsoring station.

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