The Boss Live at the Roxy, 1978 (Part Three)

August 24th, 1978 cover, photo by Lynn Goldsmith

You’re a patient bunch, but it’s worth the wait, don’t ya think? Tonight, we finish off Bruce and the band’s legendary 7-7-78 show at the Roxy…

Part Three

Independence Day
Born to Run
Because the Night
Raise Your Hand
Radio Comments
Twist and Shout

Thunder Road – Roxy, 10-17-75
Goin’ Back – Roxy, 10-17-75
Pretty Flamingo – Cleveland, 12-31-78
The Fever – Cleveland, 12-31-78
The Promise – The Record Plant, 11-77 thru 4-78

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


  • Harold

    Wow! I don’t think I knew that he covered “Goin Back”Great Goffin-King song!
    Anybody know if by chance this was the only time it was performed?Even cooler!
    After hearing this “chestnut”makes me wish that sooner rather than later he decides to pull a Barry Manilow or Rod Stewart and records a 60s covers album .I know he will fill it with great choices.(I’ll take it over a Christmas,childrens,boring-folkie or Seeger Sessions Vol.2 album anytime.

  • Dan

    Questions three have I.
    Your zip file is roxy3a. Is there a b?
    The extras; are the included in the zip or separate?

    And finally, the only live version I have of New York Serenade is from the Main Point show, which, while beautiful, the sound is kind of bloofy. Do you know of any other live versions of that song out there?

    Thanks for all.

  • Pete

    Dan – everything is included in the I originally uploaded a zip that didn’t contain everything, so I reuploaded another one with the “3a”.

    As far as “New York Serenade” – not sure about that – I’ll have to do me some research. Anyone?

  • Sparkle

    That interview brought back some serious memories… the first time I saw it, I was 19 years old, sitting on the floor of my sorority house watching it live. Unfortunately, the YouTube video ends too quickly: you missed the part where Christine Lund smiles blankly and Jerry Dunphy responds to JJ Jackson’s glowingly enthusiastic wrapup with an obviously clueless “Sounds like fun, JJ.” Classic.

    Thanks for this.

  • Matt

    Cheers for finishing the show – excellent stuff.

    Re: New York City Serenade – there is a version knocking around somewhere from July 1973 – My Father’s Place I think the boot is called. Sound quality is pretty reasonable from what I can remember. I did have a copy but a disagreement as to who owned it when a relationship ended resulted in it leaving my possession – which was just great.

  • Ben

    Re: New York City Serenade

    There are great versions from 7/31/73 and 2/5/75 (my favorite version) as mentioned above. But a really great one is from 8/11/99 in Jersey, when Bruce played it for the first time since 1975. I saw it on 10/3/03 at Shea, and it was incredible.

    • greerlovesgovert

      Ever heard the 1975 Main Point version? With Suki Lahav backing him up on violin? In my opinion, it’s the greatest NYC Serenade ever recorded. Search for it on YouTube: “Springsteen New York City Serenade at the Main Point Feb. 1975.” How I wish someone had video.

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