Steve Earle performs City of Immigrants on Letterman

We’ll see how long this stays online, but in the meantime, here’s Steve with his Wire look. Any Wire watchers out there? Have Steve’s episodes began yet? And can anyone tell me if the backup singer on the right is Allison Moorer (Steve’s wife)?

Update: Um, yeah – judging by the kiss after the song, yeah, that’s Allison (I didn’t catch that the first couple times).


Check out Steve on  Steve Earle


  • Pete

    Harold – I may not be interpreting your question correctly, but…. this is “City of Immigrants”, from Steve Earle’s forthcoming album, Washington Square Serenade…. Paul sat in on harmonium…

  • Harold

    My fault–sorry—I rushed to comment and asked the question before actually viewing the entire video….What I was asking about was the lead in music coming back from the commercial break(not the the 2 bars or so ending it had a familiar ring to it…Was it “Back In The Highlife?”Thanks and sorry to bother you .Now get back to work poster part 3 of the Roxy show!

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