“Everywhere like such as”

This has absolutely nothing to do with music, but I had to share this nugget of wisdom from a Miss Teen U.S.A. contestant.

You can just hear the crickets chirping between her ears.

[youtube= 336 278]


  • Charlie

    WOW, that is really scary. Hopefully, she has some talent or her parents have a lot of money and she can join the rest of the pretty airheads out in Hollywood.

  • jazzmaster

    I read something this afternoon about her being an honor student, national champion soccer player (or something like that) and president of some sort of academic group.


    You would never guess, would you?


  • Funkydoo

    Michael’s comment above says it the best. I am an executive at a company that publishes social studies materials. No Child Left Behind has done nothing but leave our students behind in several key areas. With such a heavy concentration on Reading and Math, so goes federal dollars and testing. Thus, social studies–along with fine arts, occasionally science, and other subjects–are being taken out of many classrooms. While I understand the importance of reading and math, there has never been a more important time for fostering good citizens (the goal of social studies) than right now.

    It’s frustrating. Another wonderful Bush administration legacy.

  • Pete

    I agree Funkydoo. While on the surface, videos like this are good for a laugh, I find it woefully sad. Jay Leno has a feature on his show where he hits the streets and asks Americans different questions about current events, history, geography, etc. And everyone gets a good yuk yuk out of the clueless answers. It makes me sick to my damn stomach. It’s disgusting.

    I’m not saying most of my fellow citizens are this alarmingly ignorant, but obviously a lot are. It’s ignorance like this that gives power to fuckers like Bush and Co. It’s people like this that are so easily manipulated – by the fear mongering, by the propaganda of this administration… what they don’t understand is that the joke’s on us… Sad.
    *deep breath*

  • Funkydoo

    Amen, Pete. I hated to make a political statement but couldn’t help myself. Being in the educational publishing world, I’m real close to this stuff. I talk to teachers, principals, curriculum directors, etc and they all have similar experiences.

  • Pete

    I try – most of the time – to steer clear of my political opinions as well. But they make it impossible to hold it in!

    Today’s the 2nd anniversary of Katrina too, and don’t get me started on that! 😉

  • Brian

    Remember Strunk & White’s admonition to “avoid unnecessary words”? There’s a great answer buried among the beauty-pageant gobbledygook. Imagine if, when asked why a fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map, she’d simply replied (and these words are in that answer):

    “Some people … don’t have maps.”

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