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Springsteen Tour Dates and FREE Radio Nowhere on iTunes

We got tour dates! And it looks like I’ll will be heading out to L.A. to catch the October 28th show. It looks like there’s still room in there to schedule a Phoenix date, but who knows? So L.A., here I come….


October 2 Hartford, CT
October 5 Philadelphia, PA
October 9-10 East Rutherford, NJ
October 14 Ottawa, ONT
October 15 Toronto, ONT
October 17-18 New York, NY
October 21 Chicago, IL
October 26 Oakland, CA
October 28 Los Angeles, CA
November 2 St Paul, MN
November 4 Cleveland, OH
November 5 Auburn Hills, MI
November 11 Washington, D.C.
November 14 Pittsburgh, PA
November 15 Albany, NY
November 18 Boston, MA

November 25 Madrid, SPAIN
November 26 Bilbao, SPAIN
November 28 Milan, ITALY
November 30 Arnhem, NETHERLANDS
December 2 Mannheim, GERMANY
December 4 Oslo, NORWAY
December 8 Copenhagen, DENMARK
December 10 Stockholm, SWEDEN
December 12 Antwerp, BELGIUM
December 13 Cologne, GERMANY
December 15 Belfast, IRELAND
December 17 Paris, FRANCE
December 19 London, UK

FREE ON iTUNES and THE GUARDIAN: Be sure to head over to iTunes to get your free download of “Radio Nowhere” (in m4a) , and to pre-order the album for only $8.99. And thanks G. for letting me know that the UK paper The Guardian is offering a DRM-free MP3 on their site.

BACKSTREETS INTERVIEW: Backstreets had a chance to chat it up with the Boss in a phone interview. Check it out.


  • Pete

    Yeah, the dates leave some areas in the dark for sure. I have to drive 6 hours to see the show. And it looks like you guys in the Southeast will be waiting for the next leg of the tour in early ’08.

  • Thierry

    And listening again to the iTunes version of “Radio Nowhere” (not the radio rip), I can’t help wonder what Bruce finds in Brendan O’Brien’s production that I don’t hear. I still look forward to hear all this live, but this production sounds muddled, undercooked and a little wimpy – plus, the Big Man’s solo should be slicing through the tracks of guitars instead of being buried in them!

  • Zack

    Gah! When he’s in Pittsburgh, I’ll be in Chicago. When he’s in Minneapolis, I’ll be in Vegas. Chicago is a possibility, but it’s a rough trip to make on a sunday night. Grr grr!

    Like the tune though, especially since it’s about radio.

  • Puri

    Yeah!!!! They come right to Bilbao (SP) this time, no need to drive 600km to Barcelona as usual. I hope we’ll be up to it as an audience so we have him back in next tours.

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