The list of people involved in producer Bill Laswell’s 1995 Axiom Funk project is almost laugh-out-loud ridiculous, it’s so good: George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Herbie Hancock, Sly & Robbie, Sly Stone, Buckethead, Eddie Hazel, Maceo Parker, and a host of others. Reworked previously released tracks mix it up with new creations from Laswell and co.’s brilliantly imaginative minds.

The album is out of print, but can be found if you poke around online (including Amazon) – or if you know cool people like The Swiss Funkmaster – thanks b. 😉

You want a funky rhythm? Look no further…

Axiom FunkAnimal Behavior (mp3)

Bootsy Collins: Lead Vocal / Space Bass
Buckethead: Guitar
Bernie Worrell: Hammond B-3 Organ
Bill Laswell: Samples
Af Next Man Flip: Turntables
Brain: Drums

Axiom FunkUnder the Influence (Jes Grew) [mp3]

George Clinton: Vocals
Gary “Mudbone” Cooper: Vocals
Bootsy Collins: Vocals / Guitar
Herbie Hancock: Piano
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Sly Dunbar: Drum Programming
Anton Fier: Drums
Daniel Ponce: Congas
Aiyb Dieng: Cowbells / Percussion
Michael “Clip” Payne: Vocals
Debra Barsha: Vocals
Zhana Saunders: Vocals
Edwin Rodriguez: Tuba
Joe Daly: Baritone Horn
Ted Daniel: Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Janet Grice: Bassoon
J.D. Parron: Tenor Saxophon / Flute
Horns arranged and conducted by Henry Threadgill

Buy Funkcronomicon on Amazon.

All Music’s review of Funkcronomicon.

Check out a video from the album. Watch Bootsy & Buckethead cover Jimi’s “If 6 Was 9″…

[youtube= 336 278]

Playing on “If 6..”

Bootsy Collins: Lead Vocals / Space Bass
Blackbyrd McKnight: Guitar
Nicky Skopelitis: Guitar
Robert Musso: Backward Guitar
Buckethead: Intro Guitar
Lili Haydn: Violin


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