Looking Back: Cameo

I know I speak for all middle class suburban white males in their late thirties when I ask: “Where the hell is Larry Blackmon??

Okay, well maybe not – but I do get nostalgic for the funky old days of Cameo from time to time. They were one of the first live acts I ever saw, back when I was 16 and 17 years old. Most know ’em only for “Word Up”, and maybe for songs like “Candy”, “Attack Me With Your Love”, or “Single Life”. All great tunes from great albums.

But fact is the boys had been around since the early to mid -70’s, when the Julliard-trained Blackmon formed the New York City Players. In ’76, they changed their name to Cameo and signed to Casablanca’s Chocolate City label.

Their debut, Cardiac Arrest, was released in ’77, and gave the world what they never lost: dance-able, funky music with a heavy dose of quirkiness.

I’m all about the quirk.

Cardiac Arrest looks to be wayyy out of print, but you can find “Rigor Mortis” and other classics on the The Best of Cameo

Hot Video Action

Take a look at this great title track to ’82’s “Alligator Woman”…


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  • Gonzo

    I recently put Word Up on a dance mix (always a party favorite) – I was shocked that it was released in 1986! I could so easily see it being closer to 1979-1981. And I’m usually so good at the “guess the year of release” game!

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