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Old School Friday

Tomorrow, I will try my luck on Ticketmaster.com for some decent seats to see the Boss at the L.A. Sports Arena on October 29th. Did you see him on the Today show Friday morning? My original idea was to record it and get to work on time, but “The Promised Land” pulled me in, and Plan B was swiftly put into action (stare intently at the TV screen for the next 35 minutes or so, then walk late into work like I own the place). Check out some Today action here (thanks Krup for the link).

Naturally, this segues effortlessly into an Old School Friday, featuring our friend Georgio. Where is Georgio these days? He directed and appeared in a movie with Coolio: 2003’s Tapped Out (oh, don’t make me Netflix it, I will). I had to share this review snippet from Netflix:

“I applaud Giorgio’s effort in getting this movie completed. The plot is as loose as a $10 hooker on Figueroa. The beginning scene of the movie has virtually nothing to do with the rest of the flick. Lots of good eye candy in the soft porn scenes though! I give Georgio 5 stars for the supporting females casting.”

Consider it Netflixed.

GeorgioSex Appeal (mp3)

Buy Sex Appeal.


  • Brian

    How’d ya, Pete? I had two computers going, got 4 floor GAs and TM screwed me by not accepting my email address. My buddy and his GF got some nosebleeds, but crap….I really wanted the floor. At least I’m in the building.

  • Pete

    Hey Brian – I got 2 floor GA’s for Tuesday 10/30! I couldn’t believe how fast 10/29 sold out (less than 3 minutes), and was happy to see that second night added within minutes! Phewww…. like you said, at least you’re in, right? And who know, maybe you’ll find your way down to the floor…

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