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The Felice Brothers: Hey Hey Revolver

Talk about a dark and lurid tale. This one could have fit right in on Springsteen’s Nebraska or Ghost of Tom Joad. I can’t find a whole lot about the Felice Brothers online to give you a decent background. There’s no official site, and their MySpace page formatting is all jumbled up. I do know that they’re based out of NYC. And I think I can make out from their upcoming tour dates that they’re opening for Bright Eyes.

I got their new one, Tonight at the Arizona from eMusic. I put it on my iPod this morning and headed out for a run. It wasn’t long before I had to switch over to something else. This album made me want to slow down, hit the nearest tavern, shuffle up to the bar, and hang my head with a glass of whiskey. Up tempo running music it ain’t.

What it is: loose, dark, acoustic music in the Americana vibe, if I must categorize. The singer’s voice brings to mind a little Keith Richards / Al Stewart crossbreed.

Check out some of the lyrics to this one…

My teenage daughter’s knocked up
Jamie this time you really fucked up
You oughta be in the hospital
But I can’t afford to go [?] the bill


Blue Burger King billboard signs
remind me of her mother’s eyes

The chorus?

Hey hey revolver
Don’t lead me on
Your shiny barrel’s long and narrow
Hey hey revolver.

Holy moley. Nothing good’s coming out of this scenario. Great song!

The Felice BrothersHey Hey Revolver (mp3 – note: there’s a pop at 35 seconds. not sure if it’s the part of the song or my mp3)

Buy Tonight at the Arizona:

The Felice Brothers on MySpace.


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