New Tunes: Jonny and Josh – Just Can’t Forget

I don’t cruise MySpace too much, but on one of my quick treks bouncing from page to page this week, catching up on some old friends, I came across a really great tune someone had streaming on their profile. It’s one of those songs that creeps up on you, and by a couple minutes in, you’re asking yourself, “Who is this?”

The song is “Just Can’t Forget” by Colorado duo Jonny and Josh. Based in Boulder, they spend their time playing for people up and down the Front Range. The song is a haunting, touching tune about that old standby, a love lost. The vocals have that rough edge I like – I hear Eddie Vedder and, may I say, Everlast – in a good way.

So take a listen, and check out their MySpace for some other quality tunes. These guys are unsigned, but if they keep churning out music like this, it won’t be for too much longer.

Jonny and JoshJust Can’t Forget (mp3)

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Website: Jonny and Josh’s MySpace page

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