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An Open Letter to Jason Mraz

Mraz & Kitty

Dear Mr. A-Z,

One of life’s great joys is realizing when a song is grafting itself to a memory. And while you’ve managed to score many memory points within my noodle prior, you’ve scored the big one and managed to weave your magic into my fondest memory to date. I recently wed the kindest, loveliest and plain bestest woman that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Our gift to ourselves was a week’s respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives on the quiet North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Newlywed and dizzy from the beauty surrounding us, we turned to the local radio to provide the soundtrack as we bounced from beach to beach soaking in the sun and celebrating the love and life we’ve lived so far and what lies ahead. To my surprise, there was one song that seemed to follow us everywhere and that song was “I’m Yours”. I recognized it from one of the many live recordings that I’ve collected over the years, but had never expected to hear it on the radio. I swear we must have heard it twenty times during the week.

From Haleiwa to Kualoa Ranch to Waikiki to Sunset and Pipeline you followed us on our every adventure. It was, as if some perfect bit of irony, the last song we heard as we returned the rental car. These simple and beautiful words to a tune that seemed almost perfectly Hawaiian made us smile time and time again…

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free
Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love
Listen to the music of the moment maybe sing with me
A lá peaceful melody
It’s your God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

Mahalo Jason, for the gift you’ve shared with us.


Michael & Christine

Jason MrazI’m Yours (Live) (MP3)

Buy: Selections for Friends Jason Mraz - Selections for Friends

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And because I love to share, a photo taken by yours truly @ Sunset Beach…

Sunset @ Sunset Beach, Oahu, HI


  • Steve

    Congratulations on your marriage!

    You couldn’t have picked a better place to honeymoon.

    The north shore is amazing, especially when there’s a storm out there and the Pipeline is rocking with those huge waves!

  • big shoulders

    Congratulations on your nuptials. Very sweet post on the I’m Yours soundtrack to your h-moon. Best of luck to you n’ yours and might I say… beautiful photograph you’ve posted.


  • Kvita

    This is the sweetest letter ever! 🙂 Congratulations on your marriage!!!! Everytime I hear this beautiful song I think of Hawaii as well. Jason Mraz is musical genius and such an inspiration!! His music is an excape to a world of positive.

  • Joni

    I’m posting years later… and hoping I”m Yours” still finds you healthy and gloriously happy.

    I too,have been touched so many times by his music; met him, had picture taken with him,and I was speechless. Musician my entire life and I couldnt say a word! :o)
    Last week (new years day 2011) I woke up to my 19 yr. olds drug addiction which I have learned that due to our over loaded legal system, can continue for several months. Can’t get him to a hospital or rehab no; he’s an adult-has to want to go. I got my jeep in Las Vegas and just drove….ended up in Cardiff by the Sea…sitting in my car… raindrops falling.. listing to Jason Mraz’ Details in the Fabric…over and over…incredibly healing, He has given me hope and the reality I know my own way, and what I must do to try and save my son’s life. He’s truly and amazing artist, who I’m certain has saved lives…

  • Sara Alian

    Jason, i fell in love with your songs and I am doomed. I cry anytime i listen to your ” I am yours” and ” I don’t give up “. I fell in love in a very strange way. I haven’t met him yet. His name is Robert, he is in Iraq and trying to come back and can’t . I don’t know if I have been stupid or so but we have a lot in common and he dedicated those two songs to me and now anytime i listen to them i just cry. Your songs are so made for me, the Plane and Bella Mona. God help me cause all I do is crying,
    LOVE is 4 letters but God knows how heavy and confusing those letters are.,
    Love you Jason and I admire your songs , unfortunately I couldn’t get the ticket for your next concert in LA , Oct 5th and 6th, but I will get the next one.
    Robert knows how much I love your songs, he promised to see you and tell you how much your songs affected our love.
    Thanks for all beautiful songs and your beautiful personality too.,
    Your Fan,

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