March Fourth Marching Band

I’m a sucker for a brass band music experience, whether it’s the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Bruce’s Seeger Sessions Band, or even a kick ass high school marching band at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. So when our local scene rag here in Phoenix, the New Times, featured a review of the March Fourth Marching Band, I jumped into their web site and checked out some tunes. And I’m glad I did.

March Fourth Marching Band comes from Portland, and is your typical marching band – if they took 5 hits of acid each and marched through the Jim Rose Circus and a gypsy encampment. A core 9 piece band. 10 drummers. 12 horn players. Stilt walkers. Go-go dancers. Lavish costumes. And some wildly entertaining and original music.

Check out Niki D’Andrea’s great review – ‘Cabaret on Crack’ – over here on the New Times site.

And jump into the crack haus…

March Fourth Marching BandCrack Haus (mp3)

Hear some more tunes, meet the individual members of the band and buy some of their songs over on their MySpace page.


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