Prince’s Response Song: PFUnk

Prince’s response to Prince Fans United? Why, Prince Fams United, of course. Which features a “response” song, I guess, called “PFUnk”. And it just happens to be one of the funkiest songs we’ve heard from him in years.

This is what we’ve been aching for…

My natural instinct is to post the mp3. But I’ll resist temptation *slap* and point you toward the tune. Click on either of the links to hear it.

Prince Fans United (Fan Site)

Prince Fams United (Prince/NPG Site)

Fans vs. Fams
: for some quick background, Prince doesn’t refer to his admirers as “fans” , because he says it’s short for fanatic. He prefers “fam” because we’re like – um – family.

This is going to get interesting….


  • Jonathan

    But you couldn’t be faulted for someone acting on *their* natural instinct in the comments, right?

    So if anyone does have the mp3 – post it here 🙂

  • Michael

    While aware of the term I’ve never been able to speak the word “Fam” with a straight face. This track is just so damn hot. I’ve seen it said elsewhere, but it’s clear that he needs less “yes men” in his life and more people that will tell it like it is.

  • kels

    I agree. Damn this track is hot. And without ICKMUSIC, an independent forum, I would have never found out about it. Prince needs to follow the radiohead model and EMBRACE the fansites (like ateaseweb) to spread his message and sell his music.

  • ep

    apparently, you gotta make him mad to get some truly funky music out of him again. the return of Camille is a welcome, wonderful thing.

  • TDE

    I’ve loved Prince and his music since I was 12yrs old and now I’m in my late 30’s. Genius is what genius does. Prince is music, Prince is funk, Prince is LoveSexy …

    [nuff said] …

  • jazzmaster

    Yeah… The lyrics are kind of a dis, but the tune is the best thing he’s RELEASED in 10 years.

    Kinda’ makes you wonder what (if anything) is stored in that little purple vault, doesn’t it?


  • Wango

    Prince’s output has been so dire for 10+ years, that this crap gets hailed as some work of genius. Get real, this is just as crap as the rest of it; yet another attempt by Prince to copy himself ripping off George Clinton (which he used to be good at) and failing miserably.
    Oh look, there’s the Camille-voice again — except it isn’t, it’s a pale imitation. And of course there are some awful lyrics (the cancer ones in particular), and the subject in general is just ridiculous.
    Sweet jebus, mr “I’m so happy because I found religion” is fussing about what fans say about him on blogs and forums. What is it with Prince and his inane obsession with fans who don’t swallow his baloney hook, line and sinker? Why the hell does mr “number one at the bank” care about this at all? Doesn’t he have something better to do, like FIND INSPIRATION?

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