The Butler and the Boss – new issue of Spin

I think I’m going to have to – get this! – go to a record store and buy a music magazine. The new issue of Spin is out, with a Bruce Springsteen / Win Butler (of Arcade Fire) cover story. Spin interviewed the two of them together back in September before an E Street show at Continental Airlines Arena. Not long after, Win and his wife Règine hit the stage with Bruce in Ottawa for a couple of songs.

Check out an excerpt from the interview here.

One of the first things Bruce related to Win was his appreciation for a fan made video of Arcade Fire’s “My Body is a Cage”. It’s set cleverly and powerfully to scenes from Once Upon a Time in the West, a 1968 spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone. Check it out…

[youtube= 336 278]

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  • Thierry

    Not specifically related to this post, but let’s hope that this leg wasn’t the last we’ve seen of the E Street Band with Danny Federici. I’ve commented in the past about how special it was that all the members of the classic lineup were still alive and well – hopefully the Phantom Dan will be back in the fold soon!

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