Faces / Stones Synergy

In the “It’s Sort of Silly” department, it’s sort of silly that I haven’t yet taken the time to jump into the music of Faces. Thanks to a Radio Free Wohlman podcast (which has been turning me on to some great music – highly recommended), I heard this live Faces version of the Stones’ “Love in Vain.” It’s one of my favorite Stones songs from one of my favorite albums, Let It Bleed.

How cool it is to hear this loose, bluesy, raw version with a young Rod Stewart on vocals.


Rod Stewart – vocals
Ronnie Lane – bass
Ronnie Wood – guitar
Kenny Jones – drums
Ian McLagan – keyboards

FacesLove in Vain (mp3) – live – from the Faces box set, Five Guys Walk into a Bar….

Here’s another great blues number, with Keith Richards joining in. This is after Ronnie Lane left the group and was replaced on bass by Tetsu Yamauchi.

“I’d Rather Go Blind”:

[youtube= 336 278]

P.S. How did we ever survive without YouTube?


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