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Ickmusic’s Friday Five: February 8, 2008


While science has yet to prove that everybody is working for the weekend it is undeniable that when Friday’s post-lunch dip occurs there is nothing better than tying on a red headband, hitting shuffle and letting the music soothe your soul.

Last week’s five found us all over the map, from heading down south with ‘The Man in Black”, up north to Newfoundland with our friends in Great Big Sea, to LA for a one-two punch from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Flag. Joining in the musical voyeurism, our readers have proven that diversity is the rule. For those new to the concept it’s quite easy, I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share the first five tracks along with thoughts, memories and the occasional fun fact.

The rest is up to you, feel free to add your random ‘Friday Five’ in the comments and remember be honest!

Here are this week’s tracks:

1. Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes (from So)

This is an appropriate start to the five being the Friday before Valentines Day. This was the first song that I danced with my wife to at our wedding and it under no uncertain terms holds a place dear in my heart. I can still clearly picture her eyes welling as we danced to the band performing the song. This song is to me timeless and perfect in every way.

2. Prince – Kiss (Extended Version) (from Ultimate)

I find it curious that in three weeks this is the first Prince track to surface. The extended version of this track includes a predecessor to the “Mashed Potato Girl” intro from the brilliant (and much overlooked) Exodus record. I’ll admit to truly enjoying the moments where His Royal Badness is trying to be funny.

3. George Michael – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (from Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael)

I have very little issue admitting to being a fan of George Michael. For all his flaws the man has a golden voice and there are few who can write a better pop song. This performance with Sir Elton John was one of those moments where you could see that there was so much more to his talent.

4. Coheed and Cambria – Once upon Your Dead Body (from Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear through the Eyes of Madness)

If there is any hope for progressive rock then Coheed and Cambria are it. They’ve taken the concept record to a new level with a story spanning three records (so far). And while that might be intimidating for the casual listener, the trick in the tale is that you do not need to know what any of the songs are about (in the context of the greater story) to enjoy them.

5. Kanye West – Roses (from Late Registration)

As we head into Grammy weekend it’s been revealed that Kanye will perform during the show in tribute to his mother. This is one of my favorite tracks from his sophomore effort. Lyrically he paints pictures with metaphors that are as impossible as they are clear.

What tunes are getting you through your day?


  • KathyB

    I don’t wanna be honest. There are many more interesting things earlier and later in the Party Shuffle list, including Richard Cheese, Nancy Wilson and Shivaree.


    1. Jonatha Brooke–“Linger” (from “Steady Pull”) I actually bought this one off iTunes.

    2. “Piste 23” from a Catalan version of Sweeney Todd. Someone sent this to me but didn’t label the tracks except for saying what track numbers they were. It’s mostly talking, and I think it’s the scene where Pirelli goes up to Todd’s shop to blackmail him. (Not positive, because I don’t know Catalan)

    3. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” reprise from a live performance of “The Sound of Music.” Honestly–didn’t this just come up two weeks ago? Although I think there are two or three reprises of that song in that production, so maybe it’s a different one.

    4. Richard Thompson–“Needle and Thread” from “Sweet Warrior.” I love Richard Thompson, am not all that crazy about this song, and am not even sure where I picked it up. I’m thinking it was a free download from somewhere, because the bit rate is pretty low.

    5. The Story–“The Alarm Is on Love” from “Grace in Gravity.” This is proof that I’m not making this up, because I wouldn’t plan two Jonatha Brooke songs AND two show tunes. I ripped this from my CD when I was making a mix CD for a friend.

    And two songs down the line is another song from yet another version of Sweeney Todd (2002 Opera North performance).

  • Jim Russell

    Catalan “Sweeney Todd”? I’d love to hear that…

    Okay, here’s my last five:

    Don Everly / Turn the memories loose again (1976, from “Brother Jukebox”) – fabulous, totally ignored solo album from when the Everly brothers weren’t speaking to each other.

    Chicago / It better end soon, 3rd movement (1971, from “Chicago at Carnegie Hall”) — Chicago was at its best in the early ’70s.

    Joey Molland / Tell me (2001, from “This Way Up”) — I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve always thought Joey was the most talented member of Badfinger.

    Van Morrison / Like a cannonball (1971, from “Tupelo Honey”) — Van never disappoints.

    The Butterfield Blues Band / Everything’s gonna be alright (1971, from “Woodstock Two”) — great electric blues. The harp playing on this one is dynamite.

    Hmm. I seem to have more white men here than a Republican primary. And three selections from 1971, no less.

  • Pete

    The Woes – “Alleluh” – a nice one from NYC based The Woes. Singer Osei Essed channels Tom Waits.

    Grateful Dead – “They Love Each Other” – from Live at the Cow Palace, New Year’s Eve 1976 – It’s the end of a long week. It’s always nice to have Jerry eeeease me into the weekend…

    Bruuuuce – “Born to Run” – live in Philly, 2007 – the Boss takes up a healthy percentage of my music collection. It’s inevitable, really.

    Prince – “Forever in my Life” – from Sign o’ the Times – ditto for what I said about the Boss and high percentages – did you know this was JFK Jr’s and Carolyn Bessette’s wedding song?

    John Cougar Mellencamp – “Lonely Ol’ Night” – from Scarecrow – this is one of my favorite all-time albums… I don’t advertise it much, but there’s a lot of ol’ Johnny in my collection.

  • whiteray

    Didn’t get here until Sunday around noon (U.S. Midwest). But here’s the next five:

    “Claudia” by Ralph McTell from “You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here,” 1971. I’d forgotten that this album was on here. It doesn’t sound as good as it did when I ripped it. Might have to winnow . . .

    “Raga-Riff” by the Punjabs, Prince single from around 1968. Sitars and guitars and drums. Very much of its time, and still fun for the 2:22 running time.

    “The Word” by the Beatles from “Rubber Soul,” 1965. One of the lesser bits off the album, but hey, it’s the Beatles.

    “Kathy’s Song” by Simon & Garfunkel from “Sounds of Silence,” 1966. One of the songs that got me into songwriting. I heard it when I was 14 and though, damn, I want to do that! And I still write once in a while.

    “Slavonic Dance 2, Strarodavny, Allegretto grazioso,” by Antonín Dvorák, one of my favorite classical composers. From Opus 72, 1886.

    Nothing too new here. Well, I have some newer stuff, but it does tend to be outnumbered . . .

  • Anne

    This is my new favorite thing to do.

    1. Punkrocker ft. Iggy Pop – Teddybears— I love, love, love this song and I don’t feel guilty about it at all.

    2. Instead–Ola Podrida—Well, that wasn’t a good transition but another song that I really like.

    3. All Over Again-Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings—One of her songs came up last week too. She is great.

    4. Sister Golden Hair-America—A classic–very 70’s

    5. Love Will Keep Up Together-Captain & Tennille—I really don’t know what to say. It is a horrible song, I almost never listen to it. According to my iTunes, I last listened to this song on August 6, 2006. And yet, I haven’t deleted it yet, have I?

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