Bruce Springsteen

Bruce’s Magic New York Nights

photo from Backstreets

Bruce’s back to back nights in Rochester and Buffalo at the end of last week ranked up there as two of the tightest, most energetic shows of the tour. Among the breakouts and non-standard fare was a spirited “Because the Night” and a deeep “Racing in the Street” in Rochester.

The following night in Buffalo, the crowd was treated to a Magic tour premiere of “Detroit Medley”. I can’t recall seeing it on too many set lists from the Rising or Reunion tours, but I could be wrong. Always good to see a classic E Street staple back in the set.

Racing in the Street (mp3) – Rochester, NY – March 6th, 2008

Because the Night (mp3) – Rochester, NY – March 6th, 2008

Detroit Medley (mp3) – Buffalo, NY – March 7th, 2008


  • SteveC

    Disgraceful how the people around the taper talked all the way through “Racing In The Street”…tsk…tsk…no respect.

    What a great song!

    Thanks Pete

  • Pete

    Exactly! They really get going in the third verse don’t they?
    I love how people pay their hard earned money to go to shows, only to babble incessantly, and annoy the living shit out of the people around them.

  • jujubee

    Babbling durring “Racing” What a bunch of %#@*&’s

    Just went to the seattle show last weekend….if that babbling was going near me I would have sacrificed the fools to the gods of stupidity. If someone can buy a ticket , and “Chat” while Bruce is on …. then they are to stupid to be sharing our oxygen.

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