Prince’s Big Weekend in SoCal (Coachella, Leno)

Looks like our boy Prince had one his best weekends in a while – since last year’s Super Bowl Sunday at least. Friday night he debuted a new chicken scratch funker called “Turn Me Loose” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (vid below). And last night, as Saturday’s Coachella headliner, what does he go and do? Brings out Morris for “Jungle Love” and “The Bird”; brings out Shelia E. for “The Glamorous Life”; and debuts a live cover of – get this – Radiohead’s “Creep”! Wha-wha-whaaat?

I hope the DAT recorders were rolling (don’t tell the purple one!)…

Set List (thanks T.):
The Bird (performed by Morris Day) /
Jungle Love (performed by Morris Day) /
Glamorous Life (performed by Sheila E.) /
Instrumental Jam /
1999 /
I Feel For U /
Controversy (with snippet of “Housequake”) /
Little Red Corvette /
Musicology /
Cream /
U Got the Look /
Shh /
Anotherloverholenyohead /
Creep (Radiohead cover) /
The Arms of an Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover performed by backup singers) /
7 –> Come Together (Beatles Cover) /
Purple Rain /
Let’s Go Crazy

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  • Dan

    The YouTube clips certainly show him tearing it up. But of course he would! Not an unique set list by Prince uber-fan standards (except for “Creep”), but those kinds of fans who bitch and moan about that are, frankly, morons. I hope that the indie Coachella crowd found themselves converts.

    And I wish I knew where people were trading the P boots these days… especially now that ickmusic’s Prince section’s gone! Boo-hoo!

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